Shawl Mela

The oldest Shawl Shop in Saddar
Rawalpindi since 1983

History of
Pashmina Shawls

These Kashmiri or pashmina shawls have a royal history. Mughal emperors gave them to their subjects as a symbol of nobility and rank. These set of luxurious clothes which were provided by royalties to express gratitude were known as khil’at. The khil’at clothes fabric was composed of pashmina fabric and embroidered in gold. Not only the Mughals used this fabric to demonstrate elegance and grace. IN the 16th to the early 20th centuries, even the Iranian emperors like Safavid, Zand, and Qajar wore pashmina and gave khil’at to make their loyal subjects feel valued and honoured.

History of Shawl Mela

Mumtaz Shawl is oldest Shawl Shop in Saddar Rawalpindi since 1983. We started our shop for the sole purpose to preserve our rich cultural history. We want to make sure that the phenomenal feeling of royalty which those nobles felt when they were gifted khil’at can still be felt by you when you wear our aesthetically appealing shawls around you. In this era of pants and jeans, it is easy to forget the sophistication and charming look, our traditional wear can bring for us. We’re here to remind you of that distinguished look.

Variety of Collection

So Next time, you want to give someone something special you might want to consider buying a Mumtaz shawl instead of another thousands of watches out there.

Mumtaz Shawl's only outlet is in Saddar, Rawalpindi

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